Kevin J. Carroll

Kevin was born in the Bronx, N.Y. in November 1950, and to this day he considers the 50’s and 60’s the greatest time to have grown up in the greatest city on the planet. During his eternity in Catholic school the nuns had no patience for little Kevin. But he was warned by mom. Wait till the nuns get hold of you. You better not try that with the nuns.

After ten debilitating years with the Catholic clergy, higher education meant greater humiliation. High school no longer seemed necessary. So, he didn’t go. Kevin met the love of his life Ellen while they were both young teenagers. Kevin married the tall beautiful redhead before they were both old enough to vote. Their first son Richard was born in December of 1968 and before their son Joseph came along in January of 1970, Kevin introduced himself to the devil. Everybody else calls him Heroin. They apparently liked each other. His early fascination with heroin came easy, almost naturally. Withdrawal was not.

As a young boy and an older teen, Kevin was a troublemaker with innate abilities and extraordinary skills. He would soon find various ways to feed his growing drug habit. You will hold your breath and even laugh and many times cringe at how an obviously flawed person could still sustain a city job, get promoted and collect a handsome pension after twenty-seven years of heroin addiction. It certainly wasn’t easy nor was getting left back in the first and fifth grades. Read how Kevin managed the trifecta from hell and still devised the skill- accidentally-to write about it and the twenty-one years of patience it took to finish it.